Participate in YOLO get YOLO - Earn up to  Rs. 50,000 per month *

Get unconditional and automatic credit to your account for every referral that you make, which results in a fee paid physical YOLO card

No paper trails, no manual intervention. All that you need to do is to ensure that the prospective fee paying cardholder adds your mobile number on the ‘Referrer’s Mobile Number (optional)’ field while signing up for the physical card.

YOLO will automatically calculate your YOLO get YOLO pay-out & credit your account in the first fifteen days of the month in which the fee paying cardholder’s account was set up

Leverage your network, get back your card fees and a 100 times more.

Too good to be true? We completely agree! Check it out for yourself in the table below

*Subject to KYC for amounts in excess of Rs.20,000 per month

Illustrative YOLO Get YOLO Pay-outs:

Number of Fee Paying Cards Referred By You in a month YOLO Bucks Earned on the Customized Card @ Rs. 150 per Card YOLO Bucks Earned on the Classic Card @ Rs.100 per Card YOLO Bucks Earned on the Instant Card @ Rs.50 per Card Total YOLO Bucks Credited to your YOLO Account (Rs.)
Customized Classic Instant
10 10 10
1500 1000 500 3000
20 20 20
3000 2000 1000 6000
100 100 100
15000 10000 5000 30000
166 166 166
24750 16600 8300 49650